Drug & Alcohol


Qualified trainer and assessor.

Qualified Trainer & Assessor

Locally in Mackay or on location at your business or organisation.

Privacy and confidentiality is our upmost priority when conducting and reviewing policies.

"Fitness for Work" or Drug & Alcohol Policy is a business's main defense in supplying the workplace with specific rules that protect the employee and employer.


Main testing areas:

  • Random

  • Blanket

  • Cause

  • Shutdowns

  • Incident

  • Fit 4 Work

  • Employment


Testing standards:

  • AS/NZ 4308 2008 (Urine)

  • AS  4760 2019 (Saliva)

  • AS  3547 2019 (Alcohol) 


NB: Standards are unavailable for synthetic cannabinoids and instead generally done as a dip test. Alcohol testing in urine test cups is non-conforming.

Testing Kits

Are you a business looking to undertake your own drug and alcohol testing in the workplace? QTTS can supply you with all the equipment required including test cups and devices. 


A sample of items included in the test kit:

  • Bio Hazard Waste Bags

  • Toilet Blues

  • Gloves

  • Chain of Custody Process

  • Disinfectant

  • Carry nap sack

Saliva Testing

There is currently no device that meets 

AS 4760 (2006) Standards for saliva testing however, there are many devices available.


Saliva testing is a five minute, witness testing process. A non-negative result (depending on your drug & alcohol policy) may require a more comprehensive testing process such as urine. You are required to check, as with urine & saliva devices, the drug classes being tested (Methamphetamines, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Opiates / Morphine, THC (Cannabis), Benzodiazepines).


When conducting testing, QTTS can utilise your device or we can supply our own.

Alcohol Breath Testing

A non-invasive and quick process that ensures your staff/personnel are "Fit 4 Work". Devices used in your workplace must meet AS 3547 1997 Standards. Handheld machines require re-calibration every six months to meet Australian Standards.


QTTS offers onsite alcohol breath testing to small and large businesses, mine sites, and in the field. Testing is undertaken with a high standard of privacy and confidentiality. 

Urine Testing

Cups used for urine testing should align with the company's Drug & Alcohol Policy. The cup used for testing should meet AS/NZ 4308 (2008) Standards, request a "Certificate of Compliance" from your supplier to check. QTTS supply compliant testing cups or we can use yours. 


Under Australian Standards, you will be testing for the following six drug classes:

  • Methamphetamines

  • Cocaine

  • Cannabis (THC)

  • Morphine or Opiates

  • Benzodiazepines

  • Amphetamines

Urine Testing is generally a quick (if your donor is able to pass urine) and simple process and gives a reasonably accurate result within a few minutes. If a non-negative result is obtained further, comprehensive testing is required through a "Chain of Custody" / Pathology Process. (2-3 day result)

Synthetic Cannabinoids

There is currently no Australia Standard for this product. For a reliable and accurate result, a urine sample is required to be sent to a pathology.


To download our information sheet on Synthetic Cannabinoids click here.



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